What are wax melts and how do I use them?

Wax Melts are highly scented chunks of wax, which when placed upon your warmer release amazing fragrances into your home.

Simply place a melt/chunk of melt into the well of your burner, place a tealight underneath & allow to melt.

Once the wax has begun to melt it releases the fragrance into your home. The scent throw is fantastic & within minutes it fills the room.

Unlike a candle, the wax will not melt away, it is the fragrance that wears off. Once you stop smelling the scent or it weakens, you either add another melt to boost it or wait for the wax to set, pop it out & replace with fresh melts.

Wholesale availability

Please contact me in regard to any wholesale order before placing an order. As bulk orders are offered at a discounted price .

What are our Wax Melts/Candles made from?

At Tasony we have done intensive research into candle production. Around the world, there is a surging demand for soy—the “king of beans.”

The soybean industry is causing widespread deforestation and displacement of small farmers and indigenous peoples around the globe. To ensure that soybean expansion does not further harm natural environments and indigenous communities, we have chosen to use a wax that is not only paraffin free but also soy free too.

Our wax is made from pure coconut and rapeseed so you can rest easy knowing that not only are you protecting your'e home from harmful chemicals but your also protecting the planet from any unnecessary use of soy.

Any more questions please ask.


Frosting and Imperfections is a common factor when using a natural wax.

It does not affect the scent or strength of the melts, it can make them look a bit unattractive by giving them a frosty white coating in patches BUT again rest assure that it will not affect the quality of the product