About Tasony

Tasony is so such more than a candle or home fragrance co. I wanted to create a brand and product that not only smelt insane but also a product that could be a part of my customers lives. Think of that holiday, family gathering or event there's a scent that will automatically bring you back to that time in you're life. You might not have visited Brazil and climbed the Sugarloaf mountain or drank coconut cocktails on Boracay Island but how exciting to have a slice of that in you're home.

Tasony was created with the desire to recreate memories through the power of fragrance. Each of our fragrances have been carefully curated with your memories and dreams in mind.

I wanted to create a product that's massively different to anything currently on the market. My idea came from my love of fragrance but also my concern for using so many home fragrance products in my home and I had no idea what was it them and how it was affecting my health but most importantly my young sons. Not only that but also the impact these products were having on the planet.

My promise as a brand is to bring the newest, safest and environmentally friendly products to you're homes but also being highly scented and worth every penny. Making them safer for us, our pets and children without compromising on quality.

I use a wax that is a hundred percent natural made from coconut and rapeseed this means that the products might not always aesthetically look like your'e average big brand candle with extremely smooth tops but you can be sure of a clean burn with no black soot or paraffin's being released into you're home.

Tamara x